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One of the things that are crucial in the process of growing mushrooms is ensuring that you’re using good spores – much like seeds for regular plants, spores are what starts the whole growth process and play a large role in determining the outcome of your growing – if you use the right spores for the job, you would be left with great results in the end (provided you did everything else properly of course), while using inferior quality spores may leave you with a less than perfect result and with a lot to be desired.

There are various ways to obtain your own spores – and as you progress with your experience in mushroom farming, you’ll likely find out ways to collect the spores that your own mushrooms produce; however, you’re still going to need something to start from, that initial batch of spores with which to start your growing experiments and get yourself on the right track towards owning your very own, infinitely replicating mushroom colony.


It’s important to know how you’ll be given the spores that you order and what are the differences between the various methods for storing/delivering your spores. For example, do you know the difference between a spore print and a spore syringe?

Or the difference between spores in a syringe and spores in, say, sawdust? There are various things that you’ll learn in the process of becoming an experienced mushroom farmer, and it’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with the different products as best as possible.

With regards to the above questions, prints are a type of material that contains the basic genetic structure of the mushroom strains that the spores are meant to develop into, sort of like a DNA sample for mushrooms.

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