How Profitable Are Vape Shops In Australia

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The vape industry is skyrocketing. 

According to an estimate, the global vape market was at US $15.04 in 2020, which is expected to increase by 28.1% from 2021 to 2028. Out of which, 70% or more revenue comes through online vape shops.  

So you can see why more entrepreneurs all around the world, especially from Australia, are making a shift towards vape ventures. 

Besides being profitable, e-cigarette consumption has emerged as one of the best alternatives to smokers who want to quit. 

In this article, we’ve listed down the best parts of opening a vape shop in and around Australia. 

You’ll help smokers choose a better alternative

That being said, you will save thousands of lives by providing them with a safer alternative. Apart from being a motivation, it’ll push you to make the best efforts in creating awareness of it. As if it’s a mission. 

Public Health England says that vapours in e-cigarettes are 95% cleaner than tobacco smoke. A study revealed that traditional smokers develop higher levels of carcinogens and other toxic compounds than those using e-cigarettes. 

Quite surprising, isn’t it? The benefits don’t end here. Vaping can also help combat the withdrawal symptoms of cigarette smoking.

Vaping is, in fact, fun. You get multiple options to choose from, different Australian E-Liquid ranges, e-cigs, mods, pods, and other kits. 

Making all these available at local stores will allow an easy buy for Australian consumers and retailers.   


Vaping business is profitable

Apart from being safer, vaping business is much more profitable when compared to other smaller businesses. It has a great scope of future scaling as well. 

It’s quite the right time to approach these choices as an entrepreneur if you wish to be that cherry on top. 

As a vape owner, you get to count returns within a year with local manufacturers setting foot into this. The vape retailers can order their bulk supplies from OEM e-liquid manufacturers in Australia, thus cutting costs in half.  

Note that you won’t make a profit at once. It will take 6-12 months to return on the initial investment and start earning money.

Vaping business provides multiple options

Now it’s just not an alternative to smoking, instead, it is helping the CBD market bloom. More and more cannabis lovers are using vape to satiate their drive. Its unique quality of getting high without addiction has made it quite a popular choice in vaping. 

Non-smokers enjoy e-cigs and smokers like to have fun with e-juices and other stuff. Thus, this business gives the retailers ample choices to deal with. 

One can open an online vape shop or stick to a brick-and-mortar store. They can get bulk supplies of vapor liquid from local white label manufacturers, which will give them branding as well. Or one might choose to make their own brand of e-liquids from local manufacturers in the country. 


Get Ready-made Branding And Marketing 

The premium liquid labs in Australia promises to deliver full-scale services. They have a dedicated, creative team to permeate life into all creative ideas. 

These manufacturers offer both branding and marketing solutions to their customers so they can focus only on establishing a decent customer base. This solves around half the business. 

Being a newbie entrepreneur will help you in the long run. Dealing with these businesses will allow retailers to go through their entire process, thus providing them in-depth knowledge about product manufacturing, different vape flavours Australia, they’re branding and marketing. 

As these are white label manufacturing, the retailers can get their branding by them. 

Here you win half the battle!


Efficient warehousing and product distribution

If you’re worried about building or paying for inventories, stop right there. 

The local manufacturers in Australia serve the 3PL service for their retail customers. They have their multi-serve logistics operation that allows you to use the warehouse facilities for storing your inventory. 

You need to track your shipments and wait for them to get delivered in a few days. 


By now, you’ve understood why the vaping business is booming and why more people invest more here. Here, you can make more money by accelerating sales with a brilliant marketing strategy. 

Dig deeper into how you can make better investments or market your brand. The vape business is quite exciting but just relying on manufacturers would not do. Work harder to make it a grand success.

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