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hens party food

Hens Party time can totally blow your diet out the window, but not if your menu includes one of these quick, healthy appetizers to keep things in check. Whether you’re looking for the best healthy appetizers for a gathering, or just want to curtail your weeknight pre-dinner noshing, these better-for-you bites will help you feel good without sacrificing flavor. With delicious flatbreads and dips, salads and hors d’oeuvres, healthy doesn’t have to mean bland!

The idea is pretty easy: Keep the finger food light by focusing on veggie-packed small portions, then add in flavor in the form of herbs and spices so your diet goals can stay on track while you enjoy one or two of these apps before the main meal. And make sure to also practice mindful eating: Surrounding yourself with friends and family helps you focus on the conversation instead of stuffing your face. We call that a win-win!

Healthy Hens Party Food

Hens Party food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. These healthy party food recipes prove you can enjoy delicious bites which are as good for you as they taste. Expand your party food repertoire with fruit kebabs, yoghurt popsicles and healthy vegetable and chicken sausage rolls.

When you’re planning a party spread, it can be easy to overload the buffet table with high-calorie options. But, there are plenty of delicious party-friendly recipes that are good for you, too. Read on to discover our top-rated healthy party food ideas.

“Please leave the nutritionist at home.” This has been said to me a number of times over the years.

I mean, come on, let’s not ruin a good party by being too healthy.

It’s a common social idea that healthy and fun can’t go together in the same sentence. We say things like “Let’s be evil and eat cheesecake” and “I was naughty last night and drank lots of wine”. Party, fun, alcohol, sugar. Party, fun, water, vegetables. Hmmmm….

It’s also becoming more common, however, that people are obsessed with healthy eating that God forbid a piece of cake pass through their lips. They scrutinise every nutrition information panel for sugar and even truly healthy foods get removed from the diet for fear that their consumption might end in peril. This unhealthy obsession even has a name, it’s called orthorexia.


Smoky veggie nachos

Invite your guests to tuck into this colourful platter of vegetarian nachos with black beans, red peppers and a fresh tomato salsa. This dish provides plenty of folate, fibre and vitamin C, as well as delicious flavour and crunch in every bite.

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