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Ten years ago, the world that was bombarded with war, political chaos, entertainment scandals, etc stood still to listen to the news that would become one of the most important news ever in the
history of humankind. I was busy contemplating about how the world had become
so sick with all the diseases that oozed from paranoia about social, political
and religious correctness when the news that the genetic code was finally
decoded was broadcasted worldwide. I thought it was a vault code decoded and
the wealth in it would pay all the debts of poor countries to the IMF. Wow! I
thought to myself, that’s really GOOD NEWS! I imagined my country being free
from debt and all the corrupt officials with their wide grins contemplating how
much they would borrow again after all debts were written off by the magic

However, it turned out that the genetic code was more than a vault of wealth. It was a code that would change the face of human health. Genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded
in genetic material is translated into proteins by living cells. It was a
marvellous breakthrough and the rest of the world embraced the news with
massive hope that “the cure” for all illnesses had indeed been found. Millions
of people with genetically acquired diseases started dreaming for a better
tomorrow; however that tomorrow is still yet to come. Yes, the decoding is
undeniably a great human achievement and numbers of life changing results could
be attributed to the breakthrough but how far are we yet to the total
eradication of these natural or manmade disease causing elements; or will
comprehensive good health stay as a dream? Are we defying nature with all the
discoveries going on in the field of medicine?


Thousands of products with a promise of a healthier you, a younger you, a more beautiful you, a sexier you, bustier you, a wrinkle free you, etc, the list goes on have come out in the market. I grew up knowing that a foreign element inside our human body would cause harm
in one way or another; however, look what is going on now, I see women with
colossal breasts hanging on up to their waist, which of course were courtesy of
Doctor whoever, I knew a man from high school who was so ruggedly handsome then
and a decade later he became a woman wearing stilettos and miniskirts. Implant
this and that has become like a lollipop sold on the side street. Cosmetic
surgery has become a necessity. I think using a nutritionist for weight loss is the best way for overall health.



Am I being too closed minded that I still opt to eating my veggies and fruits rather than taking and/or using anti oxidant pills, organic jelly, organic facial, organic bath, etc? Am I being a
kill joy still doing my daily regime of exercise to keep fit and slim rather
than stay still on a cosmetic surgeon’s operating table and let him do the fat
sucking off my belly, thighs, arms, etc? Well, if I can be considered a thing
of the past because of my traditional ways on how to keep myself look and feel
good, then I am indeed and proud to be one at that.

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