What Can You Expect From a Health Retreat in Victoria


Here are some activities you have access to:

Yoga, Bush Walking, Swimming, Cold Plunge, Nutrition Talks, Tennis Court, Spa, Sauna.

Diet-Whole Foods:
Fresh fruit, vegetables and grains (organic when available), all meals are included.

Smoke and Drug Free Zone

Personal Requirements:

SUMMER: Casual,comfortable clothing eg shorts, T shirts, bathers, beach towel, hat and sunscreen.

WINTER: Warm clothing, gloves, beanie, rain coat, extra socks, 2 pairs bathers, umbrella and torch.

ALL SEASONS: Heavy soled boots preferred for walking, 1 litre water bottle and bathers

Extra Activities:

All therapies are booked on arrival. All therapies listed below are available in the ‘5 Day Rejuvenation Programme’. Massage and Body Wraps only are available for the ‘Weekend Getaway’. A one hour massage therapy or body wrap is inclusive in the ‘One Day Pamper Package’.

Reflexology – A massage of the feet on certain reflex areas which relate to the different organs, nerves and glands of the body, to help activate natural and prompt relief from all your aches and pains. $40 half hour session, $80 hour session

Reiki – $80 hour session

Massage – Types available include relaxation, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage. $40 half hour session, $80 hour session.

We suggest booking a BNB the night before going to the Health retreat, you can get a great service of Airbnb Management using ABM.

Looking for some feedback on what other people thought after going to a health Retreat?


“Refreshed and back on track”
– Barbara
“Wow!! I had a great time and met great friends. Lost 4kg and 19cm”
– Annette

– Helen

“Very relaxing and incredibly rejuvenating. I am ready to take on the world again”
– Jodie

“3rd time here!! I just keep coming back for more. Refreshed, cleansed and ready to go”
– Marice

“I feel vital, alive, fitter,most of all inner peace”
– Peggy

“Great lift – Ideal way to get back on track”
– Viv

“I feel totally detoxified and relaxed after my week”
– Melissa

“In a mess out a miracle”
– Lex

“Fabulous hard workout, but life changing”
– Erina

“Lost weight, toned and refocused on all the good things”
– Pilsy

“Cleansing of the body, mind and soul, great kick start”
– Maria

“Wow, what a beautiful, strengthening and empowering experience”
– Sean

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